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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): Jurnal Honai
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Jurnal Honai : Studi Pendidikan, Sosial, Keagamaan, dan Administrasi Pemerintahan

Pengelola      : Balai Diklat Keagamaan Papua

ISSN               : 2715-1050 (media cetak)  


Published: 2020-12-23
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Honai Jurnal Kediklatan Balai Diklat Keagamaan Papua (p-ISSN 27150-1050) is a six-month periodical journal published by Balai Diklat Keagamaan Papua (Training Center for Education, Religious and government administration Technical Personnel), under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Republic of Indonesia. The journal is aimed to disseminate the results of research/study on approaches, models, strategies, methods, media, learning innovations and development of teaching materials that improving the quality of training for educational, religious and government administration technical personnel. Transformasi was first published in printed form in 2019. It is published frequently twice a year, in June and December. In 2020 this journal is published twice a year with Open Journal System (OJS) based

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